A Monster is the primary unit in combat. Monsters can be utilized by a player to battle other Monsters. This is the primary feature of the game.

To increase a Monster's potential in battle, a player needs to battle with his/her Monster against other Monsters. By successfully defeating opposing Monsters, the player's Monster will receive Experience Points (also known as EXP). After accumulating a certain amount of Experience Points, the Monster's Level will be raised. As the Level of a Monster increases, the Monster's Status points are increased.

Typically, Monsters are kept in items known as Monster Boxes, which allow them to be easily sent out into battle or to perform a task.

There are different teirs of monsters; these work similar to boxing weight classes, with a lower teir being weaker (and consequently at a disadvantage to Monsters of a higher teir) and vice versa.All monsters are sorted into Types. These Type give them either an additional advantage or a disadvantage over other monsters in combat.

Currently, there are 659 known Monsters; and they are sorted into these teirs.

> Starter

> Regular

> Superior

> Emissary

> Zenith

> Legendary

> Ancient

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