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Official MonsterMMORPG Wiki Page. - This page is official, and made by Game Owner, CeFurkan, and Wiki Admin, Shoshinryu. There are no other MonsterMMORPG official wiki page. MonsterMMORPG is an indie game, and all rights reserved.

If you enjoy games like Pokemon, then Monster MMORPG is more than what you are looking for. It is the best of addicting games.

Monster MMORPG is a large and established game with friendly moderators and users. It is taking the top place among free online games. Monster MMORPG is a free to play game based on catching, training, and battling Monsters which will keep you more entertained than playing Pokemon Online games.

If you are looking for free games online, well you came to the right place. This MMO game is totally free to play and does not require any downloads, you just need a decent browser. You are going to love it if you love Pokemon games.


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01/19/2013------ With Version 2 getting close, many of the Wiki pages are being revamped!  For those wondering what new features are being added in V2, check our new Version Logs page under 'Test Server'.

05/13/2012------ Henrie's Fendark enters the world of Monsters as the first ever Ancient !

03/10/2012------ WesleyFG has been revealed with his awesome looking new maps !

01/24/2012------ Henrie spams a lot.... of AWESOME MONSTERS!!! Go hereto take a look!!

01/24/2012------ New Monster images have been added to the Wiki and forums! Check it out!!!

01/24/2012------ Make An Awesome Banner! Get Rewarded!!! Go here for more details!

12/29/2011------ Possible new interface! Vote here, we need everyones opinion!!!!

12/28/2011------ Everybody install Firefox, and this add-on for best gameplay! Go here for more details!

12/28/2011------ 24 New Starters Coming To Monster MMORPG High Quality! Go herefor more details!

12/28/2011------ Please start following us at both Twitter and Facebook. Go hereto read more!

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12/28/2011------ Firefox 9 Released Everybody Install. Go hereto read more! 12/24/2011------ Very Special Christmas Event! +250% exp and gold!



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    Comment: just dance
  • discussion page Talk:Guides
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    Comment: how to get many monsters of the same level and experience.. ??????????????????
  • edit Arena
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    Summary: Grass Arena: + Route Information on Grass Arena
  • edit Arena
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    Summary: Grass Arena: added City. Wouldn't it be nice to have those information on wikia - in future?
  • discussion page Talk:TP/UV
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  • discussion page Talk:TP/UV
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    Comment: "Along with using nutritions to raise your TP in a certain stat, you can also battle certain monsters that will give you TP in a particular stat....
  • discussion page Talk:Training
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    Comment: More great tips! One question, though: What do you mean by "with the boosts active" [on ultimate boxes] ?
  • discussion page Talk:Natures
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    Comment: This is very helpful ! There is new information here that I couldn't find anywhere in the game tutorials and such. For example, making sure that...
  • discussion page Talk:Guides
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    Comment: Today when I' playing, After the battle the Total EXP and the total gold bonus are 0%. Yesterday they are 150% or 250% I don't know why? Please help...
  • discussion page Talk:MonsterMMORPG Beginners Guide
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    Comment: From checking most of the starters you'll see they're all roughly the same starting stats and none of them seem to be a whole lot more powerful than...

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