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Yetee: Ice


1. Special Attack Expert = This ability increases the Monster's Special Attack stat by 20%.

2. Attack Master = increases monster's attack damage by 30%

3. Frosty = When a damage type move is used, the monster has 15% chance to inflict freezing status problem to the target.

Details: So the abilities support yetee whether you want him to be a physical attacker or a special attacker. It is more then likely to be slower then your opponent's monster so Frosty probably isn't an ability that will be used too often, if at all.


Physical Yetee

Nature: Mirage, Bulwark, Verve - (200 Attack, 200 Special Defense, 200 Defense, 200 Health or Speed) or ( 100 attack, 200 defense, 300 special defense, 200 Health)

Item: Ice Orb

  • Stone Skin
  • Sky Slash
  • Knife Dance
  • Shadow Blade / Stone Blade / Double Time

Set up defenses to give Yetee some heavy bulk with Stone Skin, increase attack with knife dance after all bulked up, and spam sky slash. Shadow blade is good coverage for pychics and ghosts, stone blade to take out flying easier, or double time to really make it hard to hit your already super bulky monsters.

Mixed Bag of Tricks Yetee

Nature: Bulwark, Debonair, Discreet - 200 attack, 200 special attack, 200 hp, 100 defense, 100 special defense

Item: Ice Orb or Ice Gem or Razor Claw


  • Stone Smash
  • Kinfe Dance
  • Ice Fall
  • Sky Slash

It has the ability to cringe targets with stone smash, knifedance to bring its attack to unknown heights. Ice fall a special move but it also stuns. And finally sky slash for unrelenting hits.

Thanks to everyone for contributing!

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