• I live in Exseliar Main Building - Throft District Latreme City, Falrun
  • My occupation is Weapons manufacturer at Exseliar (former), fullion baker in the Shire of Breadbatch
  • I am Trigendered pyrofox
  • SkyRock

    MonsterMMORPG Training

    January 30, 2012 by SkyRock

    So..still having difficulties with the new ranking system, I need to grow on leveling again. I might be able to get a high rank once I level 100 all my current Monsters...Whoah...Quanto has returned, easily outranking me again! Seriously, fisrt Alpha, then early days of beta now..Again? Well, I need to get up on the ranks, but...since Shosh is working with NPCs, if you are reading this, check this out. I suggested an idea before, but went downhill now I know we need drawings not sprites. Maybe you can do the champion too (1st page, the lone girl. the one on the top right is the one.) And the others are at the 2nd page I think. So anyway, I am blazing through the wiki, aye?

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  • SkyRock


    January 2, 2012 by SkyRock

    Just finished TWEWY....greatest RPG I've played on my DS so far...Great story, great dialogue, and I also like the whole 'game' idea. Square Enix really is a great company..first KH and TWEWY then they are making a new cross-over game sequel...TOO MUCH EPICNESS IN ONE GAME!!!11!!one!!!

    Anyone else played it too?

    Neku Sakuraba...reminds me of the former me. And Sho is my fave character I're all so zetta slow.

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  • SkyRock

    This new wiki

    December 28, 2011 by SkyRock

    I never knew that editing a wiki was so fun. I mean...It's much more fun than reading books ( My opinion, though) But this is really eating up the time for my training. I need to find a way to balance this. And to Shosh, dude, cool down for a while. Enjoy a cup of tea, and try fist pumping.

    It's also kinda awesome that this wiki has so much info already. It's like Bulbapedia in a different way. it's like...Masagopedia!..or...something like that. But shosh, don't add too much details on Monsters...because the Monster Dex may become useless.

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